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Centre for Jewish Studies — The Centre acts as a focus for Jewish Studies at The University of Manchester.

Jewish Music Institute (JMI) based at SOAS, London — “JMI is the home of Jewish music in the UK. We are dedicated to the celebration, preservation and development of the living heritage of Jewish music for the benefit of people of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to inform and inspire audiences with an exciting, original programme of live performances, educational events and collaborative projects and to support musicians playing Jewish music across the UK enabling them to preserve this traditional heritage, create new work and reach the widest audiences.”

KlezFest — four days of intense klezmer workshops etc in London as organised by the Jewish Music Institute.

KlezNorth — a weekend (usually in March) of klezmer in the Peak District.

Manchester Jewish Museum – a key cultural institution in Manchester and a key partner in the development of klezmer at The University of Manchester and of endeavours to take the university-based ensemble into the local community – for example, the museum is the venue for many of the “Gathering of the klezmorim” events involving The Michael Kahan Kapelye (latest cohort) and ensembles formed out of earlier cohorts


Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble

Deli Babies — Ros Hawley (clarinet) and Mark Fisher (electric guitar, samples and loops) take traditional Klezmer and Greek melodies as their inspiration to create atmospheric and evocative performances; they incorporate expressive improvisation influenced by Jewish, Arabic and Mediterranean styles into sets of traditional repertoire. Their sound combines Ros’s klezmer clarinet style and Mark’s interest in composition, creating a unique partnership of both the traditional and the contemporary.

Fermishte Klezmer Band — the 2013-14 cohort of klezmorim in the Michael Kahan Kapelye.

Hard Times Kapelye — Richard Fay’s sextet playing a mixture of traditional Klezmer tunes and original numbers inspired by the music of the Balkans. See also the Hard Times Orkestar

L’chaim Kapelye — an ensemble that grew out of the 2012-13 cohort of klezmorim in the Michael Kahan Kapelye and is now developing an increasingly national profile.

London Klezmer Quartet — “LKQ brings you klezmer at its most beguiling and seductive. The subtleties of the original tradition, combined with a kick-the-chairs-over ability to party. Formed in 2009, the band is already popular throughout the UK, has had three sell-out tours in Australia, and has broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 and ABC Radio.” (website promotional text). The LKQ features Ilana Cravitz whose klezmer fiddle book is a core resource for the university ensemble (The Michael Kahan Kapelye).

Manchester Simcha Quartet — “Deli Babies Ros Hawley and Mark Fisher are joined by John Bone (accordion) and Paul Blakelsey (double bass) to form The Manchester Simcha Quartet. The musicians draw upon their own individual musical influences to create a unique klezmer sound; influenced and informed by traditional style whilst interested in exploring improvisation, composition, loops and samples. The Manchester Simcha Quartet are as at home playing Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings as they are in galleries and arts venues.”


Yiddlesticks — Yiddlesticks are one of the leading traditional Klezmer groups in the Northwest of England. The band performs Eastern European Jewish Music and the musicians have backgrounds in Irish Traditional, Bluegrass, Classical, and Folk. Yiddlesticks were formed in 2011 to become one of the foremost Klezmer bands in the area. Featuring fiddle, accordion and guitar, the band have studied Klezmer styles and history at KlezFestYiddish Summer Weimar and have performed at many functions and festivals in the Northwest area.


Ilana Cravitz — Ilana Cravitz is a klezmer fiddler, specialising in the celebratory repertoire that was played for hundreds of years by Jewish musicians in eastern Europe. Based in London, Ilana regularly performs on stage and at weddings, bar mitzvahs and parties, as well as teaching classes, workshops and private students. She specialises in klezmer ceilidhs – Yiddish dance events with live traditional Jewish music. Her klezmer fiddle book is a key resource for each generation of Michael Kahan Kapelye  ensemblists.

Richard Fay — with Ros Hawley, Richard founded the Michael Kahan Kapelye at The University of Manchester as the Music department’s assessed klezmer assemble. As well as acting as the Musical Director (academic) for the university ensemble, he performs with the Hard Times Kapelye (a sextet playing mainly traditional klezmer and Balkan material) and the Hard Times Orkestar (an 11-piece ensemble playing mainly Richard’s own compositions which have been characterised as “ethno-classical”.

Ros Hawley — with Richard Fay, Ros founded the Michael Kahan Kapelye at The University of Manchester as the Music department’s assessed klezmer assemble. As well as acting as the Musical Director (performance) for the university ensemble, she also performs with the Deli Babies and the Manchester Simcha Quartet, and she is heavily involved with music for health initiatives.


Klezmer Northwest News — news and events from the klezmer community in the North West.

Facebook klezmer community (public group)

Facebook Yiddish and Klezmer (English-speaking group)

Ellie Sherwood‘s (from L’chaim Kapelye, MKK 2012-13) ‘Musicking with others’ blog


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