The MKK Generations

MKK in 2020-21

  • Callum Batten-Plowright – clarinet
  • George Bingham – double bass, electric bass, guitar, drums
  • Marlena Broadway – violin
  • Mikey Cottom – trumpet, other brass, piano/keyboard
  • Frankie Gale – clarinet
  • Dan Gribbin – saxophones, percussion
  • Elana Kenyon-Gewirtz – violin
  • Maria Kolpaktchi – voice, piano and percussion
  • Bethany Lincoln – viola
  • Hannah Reid Dick – clarinet
  • Jens Singleton – violin

MKK in 2019-20

  • Isla Atay – flute, hammered dulcimer
  • Euan Au – viola
  • Maddie Colebrook – violin
  • Katie Emanuel – voice, cello
  • Lois Hantonne flute, voice
  • Bob Koropisz – trumpet
  • Matt Jones – flutes
  • Djavan Schenkels – piano

MKK in 2018-19

  • Sophie Gay – saxophones
  • Phoebe Hewitt – violin
  • Alex Kennett – percussion, hammered dulcimer
  • Claire Loveday – trumpet
  • Ellis Lusted – clarinet, voice
  • Jonny Moore – guitars
  • Harry Pateman – violin
  • Sophie Proctor – flute, voice
  • Ellie Serpell-Stevens – clarinet
  • Jason Taing – piano

MKK in 2017-18

  • Josh Beachall — clarinet
  • Laura Davies — trumpet
  • Rohan Iyer — tubas, piano;
  • Sacha Jonas — voice
  • Emily Kiely — alto and tenor sax, oboe;
  • Lauren Martin — bassoon, classical guitar
  • Billy McCreith — euphonium, tuba;
  • Lisa Meech — violin
  • Ed Percival — trombone;
  • Pete Shaw — piano, accordion;
  • Caitlin Sherwood — violin;
  • Harriet Waters — violin;
  • Ryan Woods — violin.

MKK in 2016-17

  • Thomas Betts — Double bass, mandolin
  • Lucy Hibberd — Bass clarinet, alto sax
  • Mabon Jones — Violin, electric guitar
  • Sharissa Lee – Violin
  • Alice Roberts — Clarsach, cajon
  • Isabel Sanchez — Piano
  • Dominic Skingle — Viola, cajon
  • Dan(iel) Springate — Cello (voice), electric bass, cajon
  • Alicia Swaby — Flute.

MKK in 2015-16

The 2015-16 Generation of the Michael Kahan Kapelye

The 2015-16 Generation of the Michael Kahan Kapelye

This generation comprises:

  • Xander Baker (cello and accordion)
  • Katherine Blumer (clarinet)
  • Eliorah Goodman (flute and piccolo)
  • Meabh Kennedy (fiddle)
  • Matthew Lomax (guitar)
  • Anna Mitchyn (flute and piccolo)
  • Jenny Parker (flute and tenor sax)
  • Pip Sayers (soprano sax and voice)
  • Hayley Suviste (clarinet)
  • Lydia Thompson (fiddle)
  • Naomi Waverley-Hudson (fiddle)
  • Helena Wynn (viola)

The performances given by this MKK generation include:

  • 10th December, 2015 – 7.30pm at the Gathering of the Klezmorim for Chanukah hosted by the Manchester Jewish Museum.
  • 10th March, 2016 – 7.00pm at the Zombie Shack as supported by a combined Ibbergerblibbernis (MKK 2013-14) + Dos Lebn Iz a Shpas (MKK 2014-15)
  • 17th March, 2016 – 1.10pm in the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, Martin Harris Centre, The University of Manchester (assessed performance) — review

The assessed performance comprised the following items:

MKK in 2014-15

imageFrom left to right: Imogen ‘Immy’ Trinder (flute, piccolo, alto sax, percussion, voice); Lucy Foster (fiddle, voice); Pierre Flasse (trombone, vocals); (seated) Ruth Wang (piano, voice); Rowan Warner-Leicester (banjo, voice); Sophie Harvey (flute, piccolo, percussion, voice), Eleanor ‘Ellie’  Jackson (flute, piccolo, alto flute, percussion, voice); and Rob Corrin (saxes, voice).

This generation of klezmorim played for:

  • the “Gathering of the klezmorim for Chunkah” concert at the Manchester Jewish Museum on December 7th;
  • their ‘dress rehearsal’, at the Slug and Lettuce (Didsbury) on April 19th; and
  • their assessed lunch-time concert in the Martin Harris Centre on April 30th, 2015.

There seems to be enthusiasm for them to continue – watch this space.

MKK in 2013-14

imageFrom left to right: Charlotte Silver (horn); Anna Lowenstein (fiddle); Grace Burn (fiddle); Rob Foot (clarinet and saxes); Jack Fearn (saxes); Jeremy Salter (oboe and flute); Frankie McCormick (clarinet); Sarah Faulkner (flute); and Leonore Hibou (flute and piano).

This ensemble photo was taken at a pre-assessment ‘dress rehearsal’ gig at the Wahlbar in Fallowfield (Manchester) on March 13th, 2014.

Most members of this cohort of MKK klezmorim went on to form the Fermishte Klezmer Band which performed at the“Gathering of the klezmorim for Chanukah” at theManchester Jewish Museum on December 7th, 2014.

Some performers have also taken part in ad hoc events such as music-stimulated reminiscence sessions at the Heathlands Residential Care Home.

MKK in 2012-13


Josh Dawson (piano accordion); Dan Mawson (clarinet); Hat Wells (clarinet); (seated) Tori Brandwood (flute); Lucie Phillips (bass, vocals), Pippa Goodall (fiddle, vocals), Isa Jaward (flute); Jemima Kingsland (flute); and Berdel Gulsen (clarinet).

We don’t have a good photo of this cohort of MKK-ers. In the picture (left), George Turner (trombone) is missing (but see L’chaim Kapelye photo below) and the cohort is joined by ‘old hands’  from the previous cohort (i.e. Josh Dawson and Berdel Gulsen).

Seven of the 2012-13 cohort went on to form L’chaim Kapelye:  Pippa, Jemima, Dan, Lucie, Ellie, George, and Hat. The LCK websitegives a full treatment of the band including photos, sound clips, album information, past gig listings, and performer biographies.


Hat, Pippa, Lucie, Dan, George, Ellie and Jemima



MKK in 2011-12


Performing at Inspire Levenshulme in March 2012, from left to right: John Bungay (fiddle); Phoebe Garrett (piano); ‘Iris’ Su-Ya Yeh (cello); Emily Clarke (bass); Josh Dawson (piano accordion); George Boomsma (guitar, vocal); Sara Howell (flute, piccolo); Sam Marine (flute); Vicky Caine (clarinet); and Berdel Gulsen (clarinet).

 MKK Pioneers (2011)

2010-11 MKK

MKK Pionneers – from left to right: Josh Dawson, Emily Clarke (front), Berdel Gulsen (back), and Sam Marine

In spring 2011, prompted by student interest following a one-off class on klezmer (as part of the Wolrd Muisc module), we advertised an extra-curricular (i.e. non-assessed) klezmer ensemble and were astounded by the immediate response by 20+ students.

We ran the ensemble in this mode for remainder of that academic year. Such was the positive reception it received by the participants and the Music Department, that it became a new option within the (assessed) Ensemble Performance module for the 2011-12 academic year.

None of these developments would have possible without the financial support of the Jewish Music Institute and the department itself. And we received very positive encouragement from Michael Kahan’s family to honour his memory and celebrate his passion for klezmer through this new ensemble.

The first cohort (see picture) of willing klezmorim were real pioneers whose enthusiasm enabled everything else that has followed and for this contribution to klezmer at Manchester we are indeed grateful.

One memory really stays with us from that era – the ‘flash-busking’ of these pioneers one lunch-time on the steps of the Martin Harris Centre ….