MKK in 2012-13


Josh Dawson (piano accordion); Dan Mawson (clarinet); Hat Wells (clarinet); (seated) Tori Brandwood (flute); Lucie Phillips (bass, vocals), Pippa Goodall (fiddle, vocals), Isa Jaward (flute); Jemima Kingsland (flute); and Berdel Gulsen (clarinet).

We don’t have a good photo of this cohort of MKK-ers. In the picture (left), George Turner (trombone) is missing (but see L’chaim Kapelye photo below) and the cohort is joined by ‘old hands’  from the previous cohort (i.e. Josh Dawson and Berdel Gulsen).

Seven of the 2012-13 cohort went on to form L’chaim Kapelye:  Pippa, Jemima, Dan, Lucie, Ellie, George, and Hat. The LCK website gives a full treatment of the band including photos, sound clips, album information, past gig listings, and performer biographies.


Hat, Pippa, Lucie, Dan, George, Ellie and Jemima