MKK in 2013-14

imageFrom left to right: Charlotte Silver (horn); Anna Lowenstein (fiddle); Grace Burn (fiddle); Rob Foot (clarinet and saxes); Jack Fearn (saxes); Jeremy Salter (oboe and flute); Frankie McCormick (clarinet); Sarah Faulkner (flute); and Leonore Hibou (flute and piano).


This ensemble photo was taken at a pre-assessment ‘dress rehearsal’ gig at the Wahlbar in Fallowfield (Manchester) on March 13th, 2014.

Most members of this cohort of MKK klezmorim went on to form the Fermishte Klezmer Band which performed at the “Gathering of the klezmorim for Chanukah” at the Manchester Jewish Museum on December 7th, 2014.

Some performers have also taken part in ad hoc events such as music-stimulated reminiscence sessions at the Heathlands Residential Care Home.