Film (by Sam Gee) of the Vessels of Song: Journeys into the Worlds of Klezmer concert (December 1st, 2019)

Documentary by Ellie Sherwood and Rob Foot, Klezmer in Manchester: People and Passions



L’chaim Kapelye on Soundcloud – samples (from their EP) of Papirosen, Happy Nign, and Di Zilberne Khasene (silver wedding) – LCK are the band that emerged from the 2012-13 cohort of the Michael Kahan Kapelye.

Der Rebbe Elimelech (performed by L’chaim Kapelye)

Hilda’s Waltz (performed by L’chaim Kapelye)

Tanz  Tanz Yiddlekh / Remembrance (performed by L’chaim Kapelye)

Voulez-Vous (a la klezmer) (performed by L’chaim Kapelye)

Women / Firn de Mekhutonim Aheym (performed by L’chaim Kapelye)

Yiddishe Mamme (performed by L’chaim Kapelye)

Ibbergerblibbernis – this is the band that emerged out of the 2013-14 cohort of the Michael Kahan Kapelye (they were previously called The Fermishte Klezmer band: Zay Gezunt

Dos Lebn Iz a Shpas – DLIAS are the band that emerged from the 2014-15 cohort of the Michael Kahan Kapelye: Yidl mitn Fidl 

Delibabies on Myspace – recordings of the duo involving Ros Hawley and Mark Fisher – Ros is joint Musical Director of the Michael Kahan Kapelye.

Hard Times Kapelye on Soundcloud — in-house recordings of the ensemble in which Richard Fay – joint Musical Director of the Michael Kahan Kapelye – plays horns.

Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble (CUKE) in concert (Willard Memorial Chapel in Auburn, NY, on March 11, 2012).

MKK PERFORMANCES — Very generously, many of the former MKK ensemblists have agreed for a recording (often not a final one) of their piece for assessment to be made available here as a stimulus for future ensemblists, and as an archive of the types of pieces which have been selected and the diverse arrangements which have been developed over the last few years. We ask you to bear in mind the status of these impromptu recordings – with any glitches and imperfections that the musicians feel may result from the far-from-ideal recording situation – as you listen to (and watch some of) them. Their generosity is very much appreciated.

Terkisher (MKK 2017-18, April 2018)

Chosen Kale Mazel Tov and Simon Tov (MKK 2017-18, April 2018)

Gas Nign (MKK 2017-18, April 2018)

Nifty’s Eigene (MKK 2017-18, April 2018)

Happy Nigun (MKK 2017-18, April 2018)

Der Heyser Bulgar (MKK 2017-18, April 2018)

Odessa Bulgar (MKK 2017-18, April 2018)


Broyges Tantz (MKK 2015-16, December 2015)


Grace Burn’s assessment piece (MKK 2013-14)

Sarah Faulkner’s assessment piece (MKK 2013-14)

Jack Fearn’s assessment piece (MKK 2013-14)

Jack Fearn’s and Jeremy Salter’s assessment pieces (MKK 2013-14)

Pierre Flasse’s assessment piece  (MKK 2014-15)

Rob Foot’s assessment piece (MKK 2013-14); see also this version

Pippa Goodall’s assessment piece (MKK 2012-13)

Sophie Harvey’s assessment piece (MKK 2014-15)

Leonore Hibou’s assessment piece (MKK 2013-14)

Ellie Jackson’s assessment piece (MKK 2014-15)

Dan Mawson’s assessment piece (MKK 2012-13)

Frankie McCormick’s final year klezmer-influenced performance (Frankie was  part of the MKK 2013-14 cohort) as composed by Dan Mawson. “Written for Frankie McCormick on her final 3rd year recital for her MusB in Music. An exploration of the Eastern European lamentation tradition of Doyna [or Doina] using sounds of the ‘old world’.”

Lucie Phillips’ assessment piece (MKK 2012-13)

Jeremy Salter’s assessment piece (MKK 2013-14)

Ellie Sherwood’s assessment piece (MKK 2012-13)

Charlotte Silver’s assessment piece (MKK 2013-14)

Ruth Wang’s performance piece (MKK 2014-15)

Hat Wells’ assessment piece (MKK 2012-13)



Our Ancestors …” Gathering of the klezmorim” at Walhbar (March 2014)

Our Ancestors …” Gathering of the klezmorim for Chanukah” at the Manchester Jewish Museum (December 2014)